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Instructor (Shelly) went out of her way to bring us a bag we had left. She drove to the hotel we were. Staying at. Overall, great experience. Good girls night out!  July 20, 2013

So much Fun. Relaxing and you walk away with a painting. Staff very friendly. Looking forward to going again July 13, 2013

Awesome experience! June 20, 2013 

It was so much fun & Shelly was a blast! Thank you April 10, 2013 

I enjoyed Canvas Mixers - it was a lot of fun. March 23, 2013 

My painting is still hanging proudly--family did not believe I was the artist! It was a great evening and the host only fixed one small issue I had at my request that made all the difference to me and gave me the confidence to paint on with the assurance that I would leave with a great product. Thanks! March 20, 2013

This was a great, fun experience with wonderful leaders March 20, 2013

Fun! March 08, 2013

Had a great time! March 04, 2013

The class was great. Will definitely be going back Had a great time! February 28,

My sister, mom, and I had a wonderful time. The staff was awesome, the activity was enjoyable, and the company was fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone. February 28, 2013

Great time! I've already been back since using my Groupon! February 28, 2013

Canvas Mixers of Braselton is a fantastic night our with friends! It is a fun time for everyone! February 28, 2013

Fun time February 20, 2013

Had a great time and will be back. February 09, 2013

The ladies that taught the class were really welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic. They had enough support that if you got behind someone would be able to catch you up and if you made a mistake they would help you correct your painting. With a room full of ladies you can imagine the chatter that can happen, but they were able to gather everyone's attention when needed and kept the class moving to completion. Based on an experience with another similar type place - I would HIGHLY recommend Canvas Mixers! February 28, 2013

Went for my daughters 7th B-day party. The girls really had fun. February 03, 2013

Had a blast! February 03, 2013

Great fun for a girls night out!! February 02, 2013

It is so much fun and a great date time with spouse January 26, 2013

This was an awesome girls night out for a family Christmas get together! I would definitely recommend it! January 21, 2013

We had a lot of fun. Hope to go back again with friends.January 19, 2013

Had a wonderful experience and great time! Will definitely return sometime in the future! Owner was very personable and I would highly recommend a visit to Canvas Mixers. January 19, 2013

A friend recommended them and we had a lot of fun there. January 19, 2013

Very fun with friends or family. Something different to do. Im definitely going back with more friends. January 19, 2013

Great experience - I'll be back! January 19, 2013

We had a blast! Looking forward to going again! December 08, 2012

Lots of fun! Great instructionng

Loved the class, approach & teacher. Without Groupin I would not have even know you even existed! December 08, 2012

The owner is very outgoing and friendly. But most importantly she is super patient and was willing to help (hold my hand / correct my mistakes) if needed. I also took my daughter and her friends for her 9th birthday party, all I can say is FABULOUS!!! To my amazement the 8 & 9 year old's paintings were worthy of hanging in common areas in the house!!!! Looking forward to a date night next time <3 December 08, 2012

advise adults to avoid weekend days, kids parties are loud December 08, 2012

I've been there twice and had a blast both times! I can't wait to go back this month :) December 07, 2012

Had a great time painting! Lots of great paintings to choose from. Thanks so much!! December 07, 2012

The owner is just all around great. We went to a kids class and it had all girls. She made my son feel extra special. She allowed him to do a different painting besides a flower. November 28, 2012

Great place, great fun! November 11, 2012

Great love it can't wait to do it again October 28, 2012

great place, enjoyed painting there very much! October 30, 2012

It was wonderful! My friend and I had a great night out and painted a beautiful picture. The instructor was fabulous and helpful. I have already recommended it to all of my co-workers and friends. Can't wait to go again! Thank you Shelly!

Friendly owners! We had a blast! October 30, 2012

Good time, great date idea, teacher was awesome, got to know others while painting. Would recomend this to everyone!

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“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” --Vincent Van Gogh

These words by Van Gogh greeted me at the entrance to Canvas Mixers, a party painting studio in downtown Collingswood, NJ. I must admit that I did hear such a voice in my head. After all, I don’t think I’d painted on a canvas in my life. If you look a drawing of mine, you’d think it was from a 9-year-old. But now I was at Canvas Mixers to awaken that long-dormant artist and put her to the test by painting “Black Dress.” On a 16” x 20” canvas. With real acrylic paints. While drinking wine. It was going to be an experience!

I wasn’t alone in my attempt to find my inner artist. Joined by a group of 25 other women, I was attending one of Canvas Mixer’s evening painting sessions. We brought only our wine and some snacks. Upon checking in, my friend and I were directed to the kitchen to open our wine and get some cups. Putting on aprons, we joined the line of women to get our artist palettes (paper plates) and paint. We then sat down at two of the easels holding blank canvases. The painting for the evening was called “Black Dress” and we’d all be painting it--guiding by our lead artist/teacher/fixer of mistakes, Shelly. Although we’d all paint the same thing, we were encouraged to personalize it. For example, we could choose a different background color (I chose sage green while my friend opted for yellow). After getting our paint, we waited for the class to get started while enjoying our snacks and wine.

When everyone was ready, we began with the background. Shelly showed us what to do and offered pointers. “Move quickly to blend the colors before the paint dries,” she advised. Somewhat thrilled and a little nervous, we globbed paint on our pristine white canvases and began the background. Swooping our arms around and around, I realized that painting might actually be a bit of workout. Once I got over the “fear” of messing up, I began to have a lot of fun filling in my canvas. In fact, both my friend and I got quite caught up--completely absorbed in blending and mixing the paint and applying it to the canvas. At one point, I realized I was sticking out my tongue just like my son does when he’s concentrating hard! Within 10 minutes, our canvases were filled with paint. As I looked around the room, it was fun to see how different yet similar our paintings were. Some opted for backgrounds of blues and purples and pinks. Some made their background expansive and large while others kept it constrained. Shelly walked around, offering advice and helping fix things if problems arose.

While waiting for the canvases to dry before moving on to the dress, everyone spent time socializing, drinking and snacking. I’d highly recommend attending Canvas Mixers with a friend as it is designed to be a social evening. Although there was interaction between all the little parties attending that evening’s sessions, I imagine it might be a little odd to attend solo. My friend and I talked about how much our kids would love to attend the kid’s class and how surprised we were at the fun we were having.

Once everyone’s canvases were dry, we began painting the black dress. Shelly guided us through step by step. By breaking each part down into simple and manageable steps, everyone in the room managed to create a painting that was recognizable but unique. The room was filled with giggles and jokes--“My dress looks like it is meant for Dolly Parton” “I can’t paint a straight line for my hanger because I’m too tipsy!” Again, personalization was encouraged. Some opted for bright red dresses. Others decorated their hangers or added pearls. Each dress was different in style and design but, in the end, we’d all clearly painted the same thing.

As we marveled at our finished paintings, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment. While having fun and losing myself in the moment, I’d managed to create a work of art that was pretty good. We all had. As the group came together for the group photo that ends each painting session, the room was filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

In the end, I’d managed to create artwork that was good enough to hang in my home, had a delightful girl’s night out with my friend, and awakened my inner artist. It was such fun that I plan on returning again. After all, there is a sunflower painting that would look just perfect in my kitchen!

Canvas Mixers offers painting parties on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (starting at 7:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm). Sunday sessions run from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm. Tuesday night sessions are reserved for Seniors (55+). There is also a Kid’s Class offered on Saturdays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. (My son is already begging me to attend.) You only need to bring a drink and snacks (if you choose). Canvas Mixers provides everything else. The cost for adults is $30 per session, while the kids and seniors classes cost $25 per session. Private parties are available 7 days a week--either in the studio or off-site. Be sure to park on the street as there is no parking behind the building (it is reserved for tenants of the building as my friend and I found out when we accidentally got parked in). The Canvas Mixers web site provides all the information you need, including what paintings are being painted on which night. Call 856-873-2614 with any questions.

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Angela H., Collingswood, NJ

Have you ever wanted to paint a canvas or create artwork but thought maybe you might fail miserably? Perhaps you're the type who lacks natural inspiration or aren't so good with finding the best color combinations in art. Look no further because Canvas Mixers can bring out the most untalented painter and lead them to a beautiful work of art. For around $30 your visit includes an instructor, paint, brushes and clean-up. Ahhh, relax because painting just became super easy!

It is the perfect idea for a birthday or any other small celebration. Canvas Mixers was where I hosted my mom's private surprise party and it was a blast!! The group of us were so impressed that we booked a 2nd party the following month. For private parties you choose same canvas that you will paint; Public parties can view the scheduled canvas via the website and book a reservation. Did I mention Canvas Mixers allows BYO and snacks? Food and art?!? Loving it!

The staff is super friendly, talented and energetic. I had never painted before in my life and I was still able to paint a canvas that was pretty good looking for a 1st timer.

While pricing is $30, the art and memories that come home with you is priceless. GO! GO! GO!


C.K., Philadelphia, PA

Basically paint by numbers for adults, this place is great fun! They let you bring your own wine and snacks, and over 3 hours, you get to make your own painting! The teachers are very nice and friendly, and are great at explaining how you paint whatever it is you're working on that day. You can choose the painting from their website schedule so you can go the day they are painting something you think would be fun. The night I went, there were quite a few couples there (Saturday night) as well as groups of girls (girls' night out). Great fun, and I'll definitely be back!!

Philly Burbs


Pretty picture: New business mixes art and fun

By Chris Bishop Staff writer | Posted: Sunday, December 4, 2011 12:00 am

Karen Lorenz admits she is no Picasso. She says she can barely draw a line.

But that’s not the point in her new business in Collingswood. She wants people to have fun at painting even though they have no talent.

For Lorenz, a Palmyra resident who worked for many years in the transportation industry, it’s been a learning experience.

“I don’t even know how to operate a cash register,” she said during the recent grand opening of Canvas Mixers on Haddon Avenue.“It’s been the greatest experience.”

Canvas Mixers, located in a 1,000-square-foot studio, holds painting parties for anyone interested in having fun, Lorenz explained.

The three-hour sessions are held four times a week. Each session features an acrylic painting that instructors guide students through step by step. When customers finish, they can take home their own creative expression.

Canvas Mixers supplies instructors, canvases, brushes, paints, aprons and music.

Lorenz, 58, credited her daughter and partner in the venture, Shelly Gephart, as the driving force behind the business.

Gephart, 37, who lives in Georgia and has worked in studios such as Canvas Mixers, was a strong advocate of bringing the concept to South Jersey, her mother said.

“One of my favorite students said to me at her first visit (in Georgia), ‘I can’t paint a stick figure,’ “ Gephart said. “I laughed and told her, ‘Fantastic, we are not painting stick figures tonight.’ “

At the end of the class, the student told Gephart how much fun she had painting.

Gephart, who lives in Hoschton, a town of 1,000 souls, will be working at the studio once a month as an instructor, she said.

Lorenz said studios such as Canvas Mixers are popular in the South.

She said she was introduced to the concept by her daughter at a Georgia painting studio about a year ago. “I enjoyed myself so much, I decided to find one in New Jersey, and much to my surprise, no such thing existed,” Lorenz said.

She said she and Gephart looked at a number of possible locations for the business, including in Burlington and Camden counties, before settling on Collingswood.

The town has had a much-heralded business revival since the late 1990s.

Borough officials said Canvas Mixers is a perfect fit for the downtown.

Joan Leonard, a borough councilman who attended the grand opening in mid-November, said Canvas Mixers is a “great addition”to the business community.

“It’s unique,” said Leonard, an occupational therapist first elected 14 years ago. “We support music and the arts in the downtown. They support the quality of life.”

Mayor James Maley, who was unable to attend the grand opening, has said the arts are vital to improving both quality of life and the neighborhoods in the downtown.

Haddon Avenue had even been cited by the American Planning Association as one of 10 Great Streets for 2009. The association singled out the street for the way it blended past with present, the look and feel of small American towns during the 19th and early 20th centuries with smart growth practices in the new century.

Lorenz said borough officials had been extremely cooperative and helpful in getting Canvas Mixers started.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been fun work,” Lorenz said.

Chris Bishop: 609-871-8140;

email: cbishop@phillyBurbs.com;

Twitter: @chrisleebishop

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It’s an idea whose time has arrived for South Jersey, according to Shelly Gephart, an artist and co-owner with her mother, Karen Lorenz, of Canvas Mixers, Painting Party Studio.

The new business had its grand opening and ribbon cutting on Nov. 17.

The business concept is unique, explains Gephart, as they host groups of 10 or more adults and children (ages 6 and up) in an “upbeat” environment where one can “discover their inner artist.”

“It’s geared toward the novice,” said Gephart, adding that there is always music on while people are painting. The motto, notes Gephart, is “Let Canvas Mixers help you discover your inner Picasso!”

“This is not a class; it is a party atmosphere,” continues Gephart. She believes this creative venue will catch on quickly in the region: “It already has.”

The studio offers a variety of special theme nights such as Girls’ Night Out, birthday parties, Mommy and Me classes and more. The 1,200 square foot studio can accommodate up to 30 people for a given event. “It’s a BYOB,” added Gephart. “People can bring beer, wine or a beverage of their choice.” For children’s parties, this translates to soft drinks and snacks.

Gephart, a native of Palmyra, who now lives near Atlanta, says there are about 15 similar studios within a 40-mile radius of her home. She was an art instructor at one location for about a year. So when her mom, who resides in Palymra, was visiting her, the two began brainstorming about launching a joint venture in South Jersey. Mother and daughter searched for the right location and agreed that Collingswood would be ideal.

Gephart designed and produced a total of 60 original acrylic paintings for the business. “A different painting is taught at each session,” she said. “We have six artists on staff. They are all degreed, are amazingly talented and can run a party.”

The studio supplies acrylic paint, a 16” x 20” canvas and an apron. In just three hours, participants have a work of art that they can take home. The instructors model how to replicate the painting — step-by-step. All that is asked, stresses Gephart, is to “bring enthusiasm and a desire to try something new.”

–Jan L. Apple

Bellview Winery Blog

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Well, open a bottle and call me Picasso!

As I get closer and closer to becoming someone’s wife (304.5 days from now to be exact, but it’s not like I’m counting or anything). I have begun to learn the art of “date night”. While this was once something my parents enjoyed together, I usually related it to having a baby-sitter, and getting to eat TV dinners. While I am sure my parents had a lovely and romantic evening, the concept of TV dinners, staying up late, and eating ice-cream out of the container sort of stuck into my adulthood. My idea of a romantic evening still definitely encompasses those particular activities. So for St. Valentine’s Day, I broke the norm and made a special surprise date for Lee and I to go to a painting class. A BYOB painting class to be exact.

I may need to re-decorate the whole bathroom around them now!

These are our 'pretending to have been married for 25 years already' looks

Canvas Mixers is a collection of artists who decided that people paint better when they have a little alcohol in their veins. A fact I might add, I completely agree with. Lee and I have artistic ability that extends slightly past painting a wall all the same colour, so I figured a bottle of wine couldn’t make us any worse. We grabbed a bottle of Starlight Blues (Bubbly seemed appropriate) and were on our way. The class is set up almost like a Bob Ross class, although there were no ‘little happy trees’ anywhere. There were about 20 of us, all waiting hopefully for our creative juices to start flowing as we sipped our wine. The painting that we were replicating was a Koi fish, and since it was ‘couple’s night’ each fish started in one corner, and came down to the bottom with its lips stuck out, so when you put you and your partner’s paintings together, they kissed. (Lesson one of date night, a little ‘cheese’ never hurts). I was assured that when we were done, our paintings would look just like everyone else’s, and I will attest to that, although Lee’s fish’s lips look a little like they are going to devour my fish’s head. (Sorry honey, but you know it’s true.)

We even added some little bubbles to our fish, artistic freedom here we come!

Through three hours we were guided through very basic, step-by-step strokes using different techniques to create scales, waves, and fins. Everyone started out very tentatively, using small stokes and talking quietly, laughing nervously at each others’ fishes. But as the bottles next to the tables started to empty you could feel everyone’s shoulders relax, and suddenly it was a party. Each timid brush stroke doubled in length and became a confident flourish of colour. The liquid courage had indeed done its job. And to prove my point, here is the photo of the post-painting class.

Our class with the finished product! Not a bad one in the group if I do say so myself!

*Enter shameless promotion here*

The reason I brought this all up, is actually because Bellview is hosting one of these events here at the winery! Lee and I had such a splendid time we thought some of our guests might enjoy this too. So on March 15th (a Thursday), Canvas Mixers will be bringing an artist here to hold a class. This is not a couples class, so feel free to fly solo and make some friends! The subject for the evening is a wine bottle and wine glass, and Ashley and I will be here to feed you some vino in between brush strokes.

I decided this event called for a special sangria, so we will also be featuring a ‘Painter’s Pitcher’ This will be a carafe of our Nana’s wine, chilled of course, with orange slices, but the kicker is the ‘paint’. You will be able to choose from raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, or black currant wines to have floated on the top. Just don’t confuse it with your brush cleaning water!

Tickets are for sale on the Canvas Mixer website, if you are interested.

The party starts at five, so feel free to pop by a little early and do some tasting!

May your artistic ability always be flowing, and your glass always be full,


-Kate (almost) Quarella

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